Affording Penn Christian Academy

Think you can’t afford a quality Christian education for your family?

Think again.

Penn Christian Academy offers need-based financial aid to families who qualify through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. Financial aid helps to provide access to a quality Christian education to students who could not otherwise attend Penn Christian Academy.

Any family (current or new) may apply for financial aid if they are concerned about affording the full tuition rate at Penn Christian Academy and think they may qualify.  Applying for financial aid does not affect the re-enrollment or admission process.  Parents should initiate the re-enrollment or admission process as early as possible to ensure their seat for the following school year.

Families apply for financial aid through FACTS, a third party agency.  FACTS assesses financial need based on the state’s requirements for financial aid and any other requirements stipulated by the scholarship organizations.  Financial aid awards will be determined by the recommendations from FACTS and the funds available from the various sources.  The school’s finance office will notify families of their financial aid award.

The amount of financial aid awarded depends on several factors, including family income and family size.  Families qualifying for financial aid will be awarded between 15% – 55% of tuition costs.  The following is a table displaying the range of tuition to be paid for families qualifying for financial aid.

Tuition Ranges with Financial Aid
First Child Second Child

(10% Discount)

Third Child

(50% Discount)

Fourth Child

(75% Discount)

$3,590 – $7,977 $3,231 – $7,179 $1,795 – $3,989 $897 – $1,994

Yes.  Awards for financial aid cannot be given unless a student is enrolled at Penn Christian Academy.

Business partners contributing to the different scholarship organizations through EITC have varying fees.  The fee required to apply is indicated on each application.

Yes.  A new application must be submitted each year.

Yes.  The criteria from the state for the EITC program changes slightly each year, so a family may qualify next year if they did not qualify this year.

A wide range of families with a variety of circumstances qualify for the program, receiving awards between 15% – 55% of the tuition costs.  Several factors are evaluated, including income and family size.

The following are criteria (for the state of PA) for maximum income according to family size to qualify for financial aid.

One child: Maximum income of $108,382

Two children: Maximum income of $124,604

Three children: Maximum income of $140,826

Four children: Maximum income of $157,048

Five children: Maximum income of $173,270

Six children: Maximum income of $189,492

No.  Every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education.

Information for applying for financial aid will be provided in the Enrollment Packet mailed upon acceptance into Penn Christian Academy.

Questions about financial aid should be directed to:

Ashleigh Machak, Director of Business and Technology

(724) 586 – 5200 x202