Electives and Specials

In addition to our specials classes, Penn Christian Academy offers special elective classes for our middle school students. Students can take one elective each quarter (or semester for some courses). Elective courses currently offered includes the following:

Home Economics (Semester-long course)

Students will be equipped with real-world skills that will prepare them for life after school. Students develop budgeting skills, learning what it means to balance a check book and the responsibilities of a credit card. Learning how to cook and prepare a meal, including grocery lists, coupons, and preparing all of the steps, is an important life skill for students to be successful. Finally, students have the chance to sew, both by hand and machine, to create a variety of projects.

Mock Trial (Quarter-long course)

The law and order process is explored through this class. Students have the opportunity to engage in the trial process, learning what it means to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and select jury members. Public speaking and presentation skills are developed as students present opening and closing arguments to the jury. Students explore historical cases as well as engaging in fun class-based cases, all while developing a biblical perspective of presenting their arguments.

Band, Orchestra & Choir (Semester-long course)

In elementary school, students take band or orchestra once a week to build foundational skills for learning an instrument. In middle school, students have the opportunity to engage in the band and orchestra daily to build and refine these skills, performing for the school at the Christmas and/or Spring Concerts. Once week, students can participate in choir, together with elementary students, to prepare and perform a variety of vocal pieces.

Journalism (Quarter-long course)

A school newspaper is produced at the end of each journalism class and distributed to the PCA community. Students conduct interviews, collect data, and write articles about events and happenings around Penn Christian Academy. Students engage in a deeper study of the writing and revision process to produce quality articles that provide information to students, parents, and community members. They even include a comic/puzzle section!