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Gifted & Enrichment Programs

Enrichment services for Penn Christian Academy are provided through the Exp.L.O.R.E. program (Exploring Learning Opportunities Regarding Education). Exp.L.O.R.E. is for those students who demonstrate intellectual ability and potential for accomplishment so great that they require a variety of special provisions to meet their individual educational needs. In order to meet the needs of the intellectually gifted and talented students, an interdisciplinary elementary curriculum that is qualitatively different from the regular school curriculum by the degree of complexity of content, process and/or product is implemented. This differentiated curriculum is an educational response to the needs of gifted and talented students who are, by their very nature, more academically advanced than most children of comparable age.  The Exp.L.O.R.E. program does not seek to grade advance students, but rather, to provide enrichment to the existing curriculum which will allow opportunity for their unique gifts and abilities to be nourished.