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Global Learning Lab

Research indicates that the best foreign language programming provides for opportunities to learn language in the context of culture.  This approach allows students to understand the connections between language and its impact on communication and communities.  In order to achieve this higher level of language acquisition, we cannot teach foreign language in isolation.  It must be taught in a culturally relevant setting.  It must also be an integrated approach whereby students have the opportunity to build background information (schema) and experience various cultural aspects of the language being learned.  We also know that the younger a student is exposed to other languages, the better they will be able to learn them.

Our Global Learning Lab was developed by keeping these principles of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in mind.  The goals of this curriculum integrate nicely with our music, art and the social sciences.  Students are exposed to four languages and the cultures that they represent during their educational experience at PCA.  Spanish and other languages are all studied in a cultural context that incorporates music, art, literature and geography.  PCA is pleased to partner with Little Linguists for this stellar programming.