Lead with R.O.A.R.S.

Can others hear the Lion in you?

At Penn Christian Academy, our goal is to enable our students to become disciplined stewards of their own mind, body and spirit.  We recognize that this is not possible in our human strength.  Psalm 34:10 affirms this truth, “Even strong lions get weak and hungry, but those who go to the Lord for help will have every good thing.”  It is our desire that children begin to think, act and speak as Jesus would.  This is the kind of life that has power to influence others for God’s glory.  These are the leaders that our world desperately needs.

Penn Christian Academy has developed five guiding principles for behavior that are grounded in scripture.  These principles are designed to develop a school culture that honors God and provides a nurturing atmosphere for students.  Because we are the Penn Christian Academy Lions, the acronym ROARS defines those principles.  These are the expectations of student conduct.


  • We will respect our self
  • We will respect others and those in authority
  • We will respect our school
  • We will show respect for God


  • We will admit when we are wrong – being honest with ourselves, others and God
  • We will apologize when we hurt someone
  • We will repair or replace anything that we break or damage
  • We will each learn to confess our wrongdoing to God and take ownership of our faith


  • We will use good manners and be kind throughout our day
  • We will be compassionate and helpful toward others
  • We will be willing an open to learn new things and to stand up for what is right ~ courageous
  • We will seek to please God with our attitude


  • We will arrive at school on time
  • We will keep track of our duties and assignments
  • We will follow through when someone or something is depending on us
  • We will become doers of God’s Word


  • We will obey the adults in our lives at home and away
  • We will seek wisdom and discernment in all things
  • We will use words and actions that keep ourselves, others and our environment safe
  • We will honor and obey God’s rules