Academics Overview

Intellectual Development is one of the core values of Penn Christian Academy.   We believe that the Christian mind should be the best mind, enlightened by the mind of Christ and one that integrates God’s principles with academic pursuits.  The goal is to develop students with a biblical worldview who are well prepared in all academic disciplines with an emphasis on:

Mastering Communication Skills
Accurately Interpreting the Word of God
Appreciating Literature & the Arts
Showing Proficiency in STEAM Concepts
Understanding History & God’s Role In It
Reasoning & Thinking Critically
Finding, Analyzing, Evaluating, & Appropriately Using Information

Ability Grouping

Penn Christian Academy holds to a strong belief in formative assessment which drives instruction.  Instruction in both reading and math is done through ability grouping.  There are at least two groups of instruction going on simultaneously in every elementary grade level. In some grade levels, there are as many as four groups, based on student needs.  Special academic services are offered across the learning continuum.