Curriculum Overview

The school’s instructional program has been formulated on research-based curriculum, written in-house, that aligns with national, state and discipline-specific standards.  Standards alignment is periodically checked to ensure that students are receiving a solid foundation for transferring successfully to a high school of their choosing in ninth grade. 

A very unique feature of the instructional program at Penn Christian Academy is the Middle School Leadership Program.  All middle school students participate in the class as a capstone experience.  During each year of the course, thirteen different leadership concepts are introduced to students through images.  Activities and projects are used as a means of assessment and are kept in a leadership journal or portfolio.  Each year of the experience culminates with a special project or activity: a leadership retreat in sixth grade, a day of service in seventh grade, and a mission trip in eighth grade.

The school believes in providing a well-rounded educational experience.  Therefore, many co-curricular classes are offered for students.  These special classes include: Science Lab, Global Learning Lab, Library, Physical Education, General Music, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, and Computer (which incorporates programming and robotics).  Finally to spark a variety of student interests, many clubs are offered along with activity periods and after school athletic programs that give students an opportunity to explore a variety of ventures.