Special Class Programming

Penn Christian Academy offers six specials classes to students in the elementary and middle school programs. Elementary school students participate in these classes once per week for the whole school year. Middle school students participate once per week for one semester each year, with the exception of physical education, which is a year-long course.

Physical Education & Health

In Physical Education, students are taught a variety of skills that equip them to live a life of wellness and healthy living. Students have the opportunity to develop team-building skills, coordination, and ways to honor God with their physical activity and lifestyle.


Music can be found in all curricular areas, and students discover these areas in their general music class. They learn about the history of music and how it impacts all areas of our lives. Students will learn rhythm, composition, scales, instrumentation, and other general music concepts.

Technology Learning Lab

Concepts learned in the Technology Learning Lab go beyond typing skills. Students learn how to be good digital citizens, how to search safely on the internet, how to use Microsoft Office apps, how to code, and in middle school, how to build a website.

Global Learning Lab & Latin

Students in grades K – 5 visit the Global Learning Lab once a week to engage in foreign language studies, focusing on Spanish instruction. Each quarter, students visit a different country around the world, learning about their customs, language, food, and geography.

When students are in middle school, they move into Latin studies. Students will learn the basics of Latin over the course of three years, giving them a firm foundation for whichever language they decide to study in the future.


Students learn how to apply their God-given creativity in new and exciting ways when they attend art each week. Students are taught how to use different mediums and techniques to produce high quality art any parent would want to display! Students are challenged to use paints, clay, fabrics, sewing, and other artistic elements to honor God with their creativity.


Students in Pre-K through 5th grades visit the PCA Library each week to browse and select books to take home for the week. Students can choose from a variety of leveled books, including a large selection of biblically-based texts.

Middle school students can visit the library during study halls for research and school projects.